The fully free Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape attract Wealth to you. And what is Wealth? Wealth is prosperity, abundance, financial stability and freedom, fulfillment of desires, health, efficiency, creativity, memory power, clarity, concentration, self-empowerment, stress and pain relief, deep sleep, peace, love in relationships, capacity to enjoy life to its fullest, happiness, and eventually bliss. You have nothing to lose. Try them out and see!

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One Reply to “What is Wealth?”

  1. Thanks for giving an all-inclusive meaning of Wealth as well as the means to achieve it through the Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape

    In your experience in coaching people, how long does it usually take for them before they start to see these benefits? Does it depend on the effort being put to act on your guidance to attract Wealth?
    Thanks in advance!