Airwrite Nitaai Shape

Watch how to Airwrite and Visualize Nitaai

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Watch how to Airwrite and Visualize TheWealthShape – निताइ

The powerful practice to activate the pineal gland and infinitely enhance memory power, concentration, mindfulness, awareness, focus, and bliss for all-round success in life.

Airwriting the 7th stroke from bottom to top or top to bottom, either way is fine. You can airwrite with your finger or with your palm depending on which gives you a better mental visualization and whichever is more convenient. You can do it silently or while singing Nitaai as shown. Download video.

Airwrite Nitaai Shape

Ways To Airwrite Nitaai

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One Reply to “Watch how to Airwrite and Visualize Nitaai”

  1. Superb video. The clarity is really excellent. The निताइ Shape is explained so well for anyone to take up and jump into its bliss🎉