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TheWealthPractices of Nitaai Sound

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💸 TheWealthPractices of Nitaai Sound

Also known as 🧘‍♀️ Nitaai Meditation

👂 Listen to Nitaai Sound Tracks

🗣 Resonate Nitaai Sound with or without Nitaai Tracks

🎹 Sing Along with or without Nitaai Sound Tracks

💃 Dance to the Nitaai Sound Tracks

👁 Visualize निताइ (Nitaai) Shape

👋 Airwrite निताइ (Nitaai) Shape

🤸‍♂️ Flow with निताइ (Nitaai) Shape

😤 Breathe Nitaai Sound

🎁 Share Nitaai Sound, Shape, and Tracks

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One Reply to “TheWealthPractices of Nitaai Sound”

  1. निताइ is the powerful sound. One can feel stress free and be fresh and blissful by doing singing, writing or breathing this sound. The Nitaai Sound relieves the biggest stress of the present times, a stress to earn money! Nitaai Sound awards money and wealth, where there is निताइ, affluence follows, as I have experienced in my life. There is not any selfish motive to speak for the benefits of निताइ shape and Nitaai sound. It is distributed free for the welfare of people!