Resonation of TheWealthSound – Nitaai is based on two most basic principles of life: sound and breath. In short, it is the simple practice of soundful breathing to enjoy life to its fullest!

Resonating Nitaai Sound

1) Inhale very slowly and deeply from the nose.

2) Open your mouth and slowly resonate a long “Nitaaaaaaaaaaaai” sound. audibly. Be mindful of those sound vibrations coming out from your mouth. Repeat as per comfort. Eyes can be open or closed.

Meaning of Nitaai

NITAAI = The harmony of our senses with our inner nature, nature around us, and the universal nature of the cosmos; enabling us to prosper, enjoy, heal, love, and empower ourselves to the fullest.

Sound is all around us

What we generally understand as sound is only a relatively small range of frequencies audible to human ear. This range is measured between approximately 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz. But sound is all around us. Or in other words, everything is sound.

We are enveloped by vibrational frequencies

Through current scientific technology and new physics research, science has discovered and shown that all matter consists of vibrating waveforms of energy. Everything within the universe is in a state of constant movement or vibration. From the smallest atom to the largest planet. We are enveloped by and interfused with infinite frequencies of sound. Whether we hear them or not.

Our own signature resonant frequency

Every object has its own frequency, by which it naturally vibrates: the resonant frequency. Every organ or part of our body vibrates at this frequency in its healthy condition. Even our thoughts and emotions have their specific resonant frequencies. All these frequencies summed up constitute our own personal signature frequency.

This is the ideal frequency at which we experience an overall state of well-being, fulfilment and joy. The aim of regular practice of Resonating Nitaai Meditation is to keep oneself always situated in this optimal condition.

Breath is our intimate exchange with Nature

We breath continuously without stop. Our breath is an intimate form of exchange with our surroundings. Air is the all-encompassing connection of everything which exists on the surface of the globe. With every intake of the air a small sample of the world enters into us. And with every expiration a small sample of us intermingles with the rest of the world. We can shut our connection with the world by closing our eyes or our ears. But not so in case of our breath.

Oxygen is our very life

Oxygen is our most important nutrition. One can survive three weeks without food. Three days without water. Three hours in an extremely cold or hot condition. But only three minutes without air. Regular and proper intake of air is crucial for our life. It is life itself. Heart and lungs work together unceasingly to deliver oxygen to every cell, tissue, and organ in our body. Oxygen is the fuel of our day-to-day activities. The spark of our life would extinguish very quickly if we were deprived of this vital element.

Exhaling Carbon Dioxide

Resonating Nitaai Sound is a smooth flow of our breath enriched with mindful resonation of Nitaaaaaaaai Sound. One naturally exhales as one speaks. One spontaneously sighs when releasing pressure. By the automatic fusion of exhalation and resonation, one is forced to exhale properly and thus release more of the toxic carbon dioxide from the mouth itself.

Humming our way to peak health

One automatically becomes mindful by the humming sound emanating from one’s mouth and vibrating in one’s body. Humming is universal and easy. By humming Nitaai, nature’s own sound, every cell of the body is restored to its natural resonant frequency. The brainwaves within the audible range get entrained; which results in deep relaxation, increased concentration, and creativity.

The signature frequency of Nature itself

The Nitaai sound is the most perfect and complete sound to resonate. It is the signature frequency of nature itself. Nature continuously aligns itself towards its optimal equilibrium point which is encoded within the Nitaai sound.

Nitaai sound is the resonant frequency of nature. By aligning oneself with the resonant frequency of nature, one naturally establishes oneself in one’s own resonant frequency. After all, we are all an inseparable part of nature. By resonating Nitaai sound, our senses become fine-tuned and we can thus use them to their full potential.

The perfect ingredients of mindfulness

Slow inhalation with breath awareness, elongated slow exhalation caused by the resonation, and sound awareness during resonation is the ultimate mix for powerful mindfulness and relaxation. It activates and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. The body gears up for physical action by increasing the heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tone. It keeps the mind alert and focused. That’s an optimal prerequisite for exhaling and resonating with confidence and ease.

The vibrating power of the Nitaai Sound does not depend on anything else. But our mind and body can take a greater advantage of resonation if we support it by very slow inhalation and elongated mindful resonation, as per our comfort

Stimulating the vagus nerve

Slow and conscious inhalation with sound-mindful and elongated resonating exhalation form a natural cycle. Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are activated and nurtured mutually.

The resonation of Nitaai Sound while exhaling also stimulates the vagus nerve, which connects the brain to our body. This nerve is highly associated with our sense of perceiving and creating sound. Our breathing and several other important functions of our body are all affected by this nerve. Thus, resonating Nitaai Sound slows down our heart rate and blood pressure, especially in times of performance anxiety, by stimulating our vagus nerve.

Mindful interplay between sound and breath

A proper, rhythmic respiratory pattern is thus established by this form of mindful interplay between sound and breath. Elimination of waste gases is improved, the heart and circulatory functions are regulated, and arrhythmic heartbeat is rectified. All these induce a sense of relaxation throughout the mind and body.

Benefits of Resonating Nitaai Sound

Scientific and medical research conducted in respect to proper breathing and the power of sound, like in practice of resonating Nitaai Sound, has come to the following results in respect to the health benefits:

– Boost of energy and stamina.

– Counteraction of tiredness.

– Tension relief in the body and enhancement of the ability to deal with pressure and stress.

– Boost of immunity and release of chemicals that promote healing.

– Increase of the power of concentration and clear thinking.

– Calmness of emotions.

– Reduced blood pressure and heart rate.

– Reduced levels of stress-related hormones.

– Increased oxygen in cells.

– Increased nitric oxide levels (responsible for increased blood flow).

– Increased lymphatic circulation (responsible for a strong immune system).

– Increased melatonin levels (regulation of sleep-wake cycles, anti-oxidation, and anti-inflammation).

– Endorphin release and pain reduction.

– Oxytocin release (responsible for healthy sexuality, better social interactions, and reduction of fear and anxiety).

Adopt the two nurturing principles of life

Resonating Nitaai Sound can immensely contribute to the overall well-being of each and every individual and make you better at whatever you want to be. The nature and extent of the experience of the above mentioned benefits will of course vary from case to case. Yet the life of every practitioner will improve without a doubt. Because the two most life-nurturing principles of life, sound and breath, become an integral part of one’s existence through resonating Nitaai Sound.

Personal Fulfilment and Contribution to Society

Resonating Nitaai Sound can also improve the quality of interactions between the members of our society. Personal fulfilment and satisfaction of every individual is the basis for peace and prosperity within a community.

By tapping into and fully utilizing one’s unique potential via resonating Nitaai Sound, everyone of us can live our lives to the fullest potential. In that way, it will help us to become a healthy and empowered individual this world can truly benefit from.

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