Nitaai Sound Is A Magnet 1

Nitaai Sound is a Free Magnet

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Nitaai Sound is a Free Magnet

How can a free sound and shape be so effective? People think that the more they pay for something, the more potent it must be.

They forget that the best things in life are always free! Who can put a price to the priceless sound of the whole cosmos – Nitaai?

🏦 Unimaginable affluence and 📈 good fortune is pulled towards us by the Nitaai sound and निताइ shape. And the most oft-experienced result is that both of them ensure that we won’t lack anything in our lives.

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One Reply to “Nitaai Sound is a Free Magnet”

  1. Nitaai – the money magnet sound and shape!! – Yeah!!. I just got hold of one of those tiny ultra portable MP3 players so I can listen to the money mantra all the time, except when I’m in the shower, but then it goes on in my mind automatically after hearing it all day and all through the night.