Nitaai Sound Awards Wealth

Nitaai Sound Awards Wealth

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Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape Award Wealth

Specific sound frequences are capable of eliminating the obstacles in our quest to attain wealth, health, success, fame, focus, peace, love, and happiness. The internal meanings of some sounds produce sound waves imbued with the same power as their meanings and thus grant us our cherished desires. Ni = Wealth (Nature), taa = Come (Unite), and i = To Me (With My Senses). So “Nitaai” not only means “Wealth Come to Me” or “Nature Unite With My Senses” but it also makes these meanings and our dreams come true in real life.

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One Reply to “Nitaai Sound Awards Wealth”

  1. Simply brilliant. Only if the whole world knew about this secret, shortage of Wealth and Health would have been taken care of by now through the Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape.