Matus Kmit Pioneers Nitaai Sound In Switzerland

Matus Kmit Recommends Nitaai Sound

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The Founder of Antistress Society in Switzerland, Matus Kmit M.A., applies the Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape techniques for increased productivity as well as an optimal work-life balance and inspires his co-workers to do the same.

Matus Kmit’s Recommends Nitaai Sound

I am a senior software engineer working at the Zurich University of Arts. My profession requires precise and innovative cognitive skills as well as a pragmatic, open-minded attitude when searching for optimal solutions in cooperation with my colleagues. At the same time, I need the ability to quickly “switch-off” and “recharge my batteries” and thus gain fresh perspectives on the nature of complex problems.

Since I have been doing the practices of the Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape, I can confirm the following benefits in regards to my work and private life:

● Improved ability to dive deeper into the problem at hand without getting lost in its irrelevant aspects.

● Improved ability to retain focus and flow in writing code for longer periods of time.

● Improved ability to approach technical and product-related discussions with an open, unbiased state of mind.

● Improved ability to better understand and appreciate others’ points of view.

● Improved ability to stay cool amidst “difficult” discussions and participate in a constructive way.

● Improved ability to quicker and easier relax mind and body after a strenuous day at work.

● Improved ability to smoother transition from work to life and vice-versa and keep a clear and natural border-line between them.

● Increased quantity of original ideas.

● Finer and more empathetic social interactions.

● Decreased stress.

● Better sleep.

Professional Experience

**January 2013** – Present – Senior Software Engineer at Zurich University of Arts, Zurich, Switzerland

**February 2010** – December 2013 – Professional Test Engineer at Unic AG, Zurich, Switzerland

**December 2006** – June 2007 – Internship in ICT-Architecture at BKW Group, Bern, Switzerland

**August 2006 – October 2006** – Content-Manager for Internet-Platform at Euresearch, Bern, Switzerland


**September 2001 – March 2010** – Management of Information Systems, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

**September 1996 – June 2001** – Bilingual (Slovak/German) High School, Poprad, Slovakia


● Master of Arts in Management of Information Systems, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

● Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (IREB), Foundation Level, SAQ, Switzerland

● Certified Tester (ISTQB), Foundation Level, SAQ, Switzerland

● Official German and Slovak School Leaving Certificates of Bilingual High School


English, German, Spanish, Slovak, Czech, French, Polish, Hindi.

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