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From a lot of debt to a multi-million dollar org

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I am Amol Patel from Madhya Pradesh India, the chairman of the Nitaai Group of companies. I am practicing and sharing Nitaai Meditation and I am getting multiple benefits through the Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape such as:

1) Stress-free life
2) Lot of positive energy
3) Self-confidence
4) Bliss
5) Happiness
6) Prosperity and many more.

In 2016, I had a lot of debt on me. But the moment I started practicing TheWealthSound – Nitaai, I started attracting a lot of wealth from the cosmos. Now the present turnover of our Nitaai organization is in millions. I can provide proof to those who want it.

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One Reply to “From a lot of debt to a multi-million dollar org”

  1. From being in debt to going into the millions💲 in no time. Just Wow!
    Amazing testimonial by Amol which shows the power of practicing TheWealthSound – Nitaai.