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Why Antistress Foundation Shares the Nitaai Sound?

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Why We Share TheWealthSound – Nitaai?

Antistress Foundation discovered the universal and secular meanings and benefits of the Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape in the ancient Indian culture. For almost a decade, our volunteers tried them in their own lives and experienced these benefits without fail each and every single time. So now we freely share TheWealthSound to the whole world without excepting anything in return.

About Antistress Foundation

Vishal Gandotra MD founded the Antistress Foundation (501c3 nonprofit) in USA; Matus Kmit founded the Antistress Society in Switzerland; and Nitaai Kumar, Mann Harjai, and Hemant Patel founded the Antistress Foundation in India to help every single person in this world become stress-free and happy by the Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape.

The Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape; as shared by Antistress Foundation, its above Founders, Nitaai Kumar, and the Volunteers via; is a totally secular, non-religious, health-only, and wellness practice based on solely the secular meanings of the Nitaai sound.

Thus the Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape, which are being given for free to all in public domain by the Antistress Foundation, can be universally practiced and taught as add-on and copyright-free techniques by every single person, group, school, studio, company, etc. on this planet; irrespective of one’s lifestyles, beliefs, faith, religion, and points of view.

They have absolutely zero rules or beliefs of its own. So everyone can comfortably practice them. They do not try to change or interfere with the lifestyle you want to live, or your points of view on any subject in life. They only help you in achieving your dreams. Volunteers of the Antistress Foundation may have their own personal beliefs and lifestyles but they are expected to keep them totally separate specifically from their secular sharing of the Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape.

Antistress Foundation is not a cult. It is purely a social welfare nonprofit organization. It does not have any controlling leaders, properties, centers, beliefs, rules, or lifestyles of its own; which may be misused. It focuses only on sharing the love of the Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape to one and all. So it does not hoard the donated money or buy properties of its own from the donations.

It transparently uses all the resources only to share the Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape for free online, one-to-one, and by conducting Retreats on invitation or in rented public venues. It also does not have any other business, commercial, or bureaucratic expansion agendas. Antistress Foundation is fully satisfied by sharing the Nitaai Sound and निताइ Shape for free to everyone with the help of whatever resources are provided to it through voluntary donations.

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