216 Testimonials Of Nitaai Sound

216 Testimonials of Nitaai Sound

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Quiva: It’s nice, it’s a really nice vibration. I could feel it in the back of my throat and my chest. And I felt really connected. So I really enjoyed it, yeah. Well yeah I ‘m going back to my boyfriend now so I’ll definitely be telling him about it. So anything that increases that bliss. == Ireland

Narasimhan Kannan: Beautiful testimonials! Really wonderful work by the Nitaai Meditation Team to benefit the society. Nitaaai!

Laxmi Mahindrakar: Yes. Even though when I am waiting for bus or train or any noisy place Nitaai Meditation keeps me calm and fresh. What a super powerful technique this is!!!!

Vinay Kumar Sharma: Fantastic Meditation.

Krishnaprasad Kulkarni: Nitaai Meditation is a treasure chest for all the solutions of life. A Game changer, It’s amazingly accurate and I strongly recommend to try procedures mentioned here in. Nitaai !

Kathelina: I felt a deep vibration in the center, so from the first utter of the Nitaai sound. Mostly on the first part, so yeah I would recommend everybody to try it. == Romania

Laurel: I did Nitaai Meditation on street with one Breath tutor. I felt very relaxed when it was very chaotic out here. It was just a moment of clarity when it really isn’t a moment of clarity. When you’re walking through the streets so yeah it’s nice. == America

Jyotsana Kmit: I loved it, I felt very connected to the source. And the vibration in my chest was very calming and peaceful. I enjoyed it very much. == Rishikesh

Cristina: Nitaai Meditation is very powerful I think. This boy just stopped me in the street. I was going but I took a few seconds. So we sing the first one, I didn’t feel. The second one I felt very strongly. From reaching Nitaai the second one was very powerful, very indescribable it’s like really opening really something very powerful I think. And it takes just a few seconds in the street like this but it is very powerful. I felt something really, something really amazing. == France

Stef: Nitaai Meditation experience was very calming. Very much like doing Yoga without all the effort. (Laughter). The vibration coming through felt very calming. That’s my sum up. == Rishikesh

Jyaya: While I was doing Nitaai Meditation, I got vibrations in my throat and I could feel it here (chest). And then afterwards I felt very calm and very peaceful even though we’re in the middle of workplace and everyone’s watching. It was very peaceful break. == Rishikesh

Kata: I felt very calm and I felt grounded after doing Nitaai Meditation. And I felt that I am here now, here and now. It makes one mindful. == Iceland

Adrianna: I felt really good actually. When I was doing it I felt the vibration in my heart and that was really calming. And yeah, I felt really nice. It was really amazing. Of course, I think everyone should do it. Everyone should give it a try. And it’s a nice feeling inside. == Rishikesh

Aveniya: Nitaai sound is like travelling inside of your body. It’s a really good feeling and a really good vibration. Thank you. == Rishikesh

Sonail: It’s very peaceful, you feel very good and very released in your inner body after doing Nitaai Meditation. It’s great! == Rishikesh

Babita Mahajan: It’s time to sleep. But before sleeping don’t forget to start Humming with Nitaai. Take deep breath….Nitaaai. Once more, Nitaaai. Once again, Nitaaai. While you inhale, just think that you are inhaling all the positivity. And when you exhale, think you are eliminating all the negative thoughts of the day. Goodnight, Nitaai. == Delhi

Poonam Saxena: I came to know Nitaai through Facebook and then we invited people and they came and guided us. And then the school had a problem and in the assembly practiced Nitaai and it has been a wonderful change in them. And then we went ahead with the sound and the music and it is helping the children. I think the workshops were excellent and we will definitely have this again in the assembly. And we have Meditation breaks in the school time, so now we are going to practice Nitaai and I think the mind will settle and the anxiety will get away from the children’s mind and they will perform definitely better in their exams. Thank you. == Faridabad

Subal: I felt really good. Like a good exercise. == Rishikesh

Jyotsna Sehgal: That was really good. I didn’t know what to expect. Very simple exercise. Once we started we all sort of all our voices really kind of joined together and I could feel it really deep in my chest. It was such a…really powerful. == Rishikesh

Patricia: I felt amazing. It’s really nice experience. I’m very happy I did Nitaai Meditation. == Rishikesh

Liza: So after doing it, well during doing it, it was a very deep resonation. And a very lovely sense of expansion and vibration. It’s hard to find the words. Yes, it feels very nourishing, very nourishing. == Rishikesh

Priya Mittal: It was very good vibrations because one of Nitaai Breath tutor actually came to me and gave us this Nitaai Sound card. And we practice with him and I feel even more peaceful than I did before. So thank you so much. == Delhi

Supriya Pathekar: I like the last Nitaai resonation we did today, it felt very full. I think I like to smile whole day now. == Rishikesh

Abha Gaur: Nitaai Meditation was good. It felt like inside there it’s vibrating in something (chest). I felt here (throat and head). == Gurugram

Geeta Mehndirata: I felt in mind a little bit peace. Good feeling. A kind of energy. Kind of. Especially like here (head), like in mind. I did it 10 minutes before sleeping. == Bombay

David: I loved it! It was very relaxing. So thank you very much for that. == Rishikesh

Johny Joseph: Feeling very very relaxed. Slow breathing through your nose is really good to calm yourself, listen to yourself. And the vibration of the elongated “taai” part of the word kind of makes like a vibrational part that’s quite nice. == Rishikesh

Sunny: Uh yeah, it felt, you know resonating Nitaai for a while it was very warm and peaceful inside. It really helped me focus. It’s just a nice moment of calm in a little piece of the day. == Bombay

Juliet: I felt very calm and relaxed. It’s nice to take the time and stop and listen to yourself and just focus on your breathing along with sound of Nitaai. == Rishikesh

Elizabeth: I feel so relaxed and feel very new me after doing Nitaai Meditation exercise. == Rishikesh

Gugu Mehta: Nitaai Meditation is a light hearted exercise and anyone can do it at home. It’s a very positive thing and it can be beneficial if you do it daily. Its good! == Rishikesh

Myria: I felt calmer and more focused and I could feel it in my chest. It’s like a great experience for me.Something easy to do all the time. == Rishikesh

Denew: I felt heavy vibration in the throat and a sense of togetherness. Very peaceful. I am going to like share it with others. I’ll give it a go for about a night and see how it goes. Yeah progress in it. Thank you, thank you. == Rishikesh

George: So even though I with my Nitaai Meditation tutor we did 3 very short times, I felt a lot of good energy afterwards. Uh so to the present moment, I would say yeah I will definitely be trying later, trying a bit longer. So yeah, definitely looking forward to it. == Rishikesh

Ketrina: Nitaai Meditation had quite a calming effect on me. It was really beautiful, yeah. I’ll give it a go morning and night for the next few weeks and yeah see what kind of effect it has on me. It could actually be a positive one. Thanks ! == Rishikesh

Mikki: I was a bit stressed today because I worked a lot. So I felt tired and stressed and then after doing Nitaai, I’m much more relaxed. And I think I can come back to work happy. == Italy

Byubyusara: Wow! Something you know? Like 10 kg heaviness from my shoulder it just went. So much relaxation..Wow. It’s so easy but it’s so nice. It’s something like whenever when we are, you know, standing with people. You are walking you are always talking, you are just using your energy. And there is something (bouncing), that you know? What I can say? Energies are coming to you inside and you are feeling tired and you are feeling very … So whenever you are saying Nitaai, that internal … it seems as if here something opens and it is coming out. It is so nice. It’s so easy but it’s so good. Seriously, thank you so much. I can’t sleep now…I am feeling so fresh! == Kyrgyzstan

John: I felt at peace and I felt very quiet in my mind after practicing Nitaai Meditation in night. == Rishikesh

Upasika Rai: Nitaai Meditation makes me feel very peaceful, calm and I felt in my heart a real vibration. I will practice it more. Thank you very much. == Rishikesh

Kyra: It made me feel connected because I feel that singing makes us happy. I know that singing makes me happy actually. And then we sing Nitaai sound together in group I think that we become on the same wavelength. So it made me feel happy and it made me feel connected with people around so I like that. I will incorporate it into my daily and nightly, early morning and nighttime routine to sing Nitaai. We all should sing. Thank you so much. == Rishikesh

Ruhina Firadus: After practicing Nitaai Meditation, I felt very peaceful. Very relaxed and I would recommend it to everyone. == Rishikesh

John Hourie: It felt calming and um… I feel like if I were to do this Nitaai Meditation Exercise a bit more, it would be even more calmer. == Rishikesh

Kate: After doing the Nitaai Meditation Exercise, I felt very relaxed and very calm after I think the deep breaths helped center and ground me. So Very nice and very relaxing. Especially after, if your stressed out or something it’s very helpful. == Rishikesh

Sudhir: Could not understand how Nitaaai sound is to be produced by throat == Rishikesh

Alexander Bell: I felt good, i feel like go to sleep, like dream. It’s very relaxing, very relaxing, it’s good. I feel peace! I am trying it like at my place again and again to feel more vibrations and something warm. == Kerela

Maria George: It’s nice you can really feel the vibrations in your abdomen and you should give Nitaai Meditation a try! == Rishikesh

Semaria: While I was doing Nitaai Meditation, I felt like at peace and that the vibration was lovely and I felt like we were in tune, my friend and I. == Kerela

Abha Gaur: I am a yoga practitioner and a teacher. And very first time, this beautiful pretty girl, same name Aabha. She came and told me about Nitaai sound, which is the experts they say it’s very beneficial for your thyroid gland. And soothes your body, soothes your mind and gives you peace. The way she taught me, it’s really very wonderful. And I’m really happy and peaceful. So I’m going to practice again one more time, a Nitaai Sound. (Nitaaaaaai, Nitaaaaai, Nitaaaaai). So when you practice Nitaai Meditation, it really really gives you vibration to your thyroid gland and activates your throat chakra and it really works. Thank you so much. == Gurugram

Kundan Negi: Nitaai Meditation does more good than what is mentioned in the above article. I have witnessed a holistic change in me by practicing it. No more procrastination, uncontrollable worries. Mind becomes more judicious in deciding what to choose and what not. Overall just by sparing 10 to 15 minutes daily on Nitaai Meditation, whole day becomes more productive. == Delhi

Liza: It feels really good. The peace inside us like something has kept on our belly and we roll something very warm. Its a very good sensation and i am sure i am going to continue doing this Nitaai Meditation exercise … i felt happiness. == Rishikesh

Bay: It made me feel connected with Akshay Vashisht because i feel that singing makes you happy. And then we sing Nitaai together that make us on the same wavelength. I feel happy, I feel more connected with you because of Nitaai Singing. I will incorporate in my daily life that too early morning. == USA

Maria: That was really good,I didnt know what to expect,very simple exercise.Once i started the voice is really going to join together.I feel something very deep in my chest.It was very powerful.It was good. == Rishikesh

Hemant Patel: Nitaai Meditation keeps allowing you to store all positive energies of nature inside you which generates wonderful and incredible talents within you. Nitaai Meditation provide you enough power, potency to firmly stick to the point which you rightly think inside. == Gujarat

Hemant Patel: Unless we become eligible to hold the grip over any subject or any matter or any field we can not become the perfect administrator to handle or to run the things in a right manner to attain the full and grand success. Nitaai Meditation provides us that large vision of bird eye view to look into the things minutely, deeply and thoroughly with full focus to takeover the complete command over the entire scenario which results ultimately into positive results in a constructive way! Nitaai Meditation fixes up application of intelligence at one proper point which generally gets scattered here and there due to endless thinking in many directions. == Gujarat

Hemant Patel: Due to having more softened heart many people around us keep continuing their habit of exploiting us for their own selfish purposes by knowing perfectly our inner soft nature and heart. We don’t resist ourselves for being dragged into an awkward positions repeatedly and always gets repeated due to our weakness or soft qualities of the heart and mind but Nitaai Meditation miraculously helps us to control ourselves to rectify our overgood nature and provides us enough stamina and strength to act brilliantly in a very tactful manner to prevents us from the clutches of selfish people. Thus ultimately we move forward towards our more positive growing career! !It is like Nitaai Meditation provides us a platform to see, to analyse and to rectify ourselves perfectly!! == Gujarat

Hemant Patel: When we looses our temper or mood during problems and sorrows of life, we should prefer to do Nitaai Meditation by sitting in one corner rather than facing the situation with loud arguments and spending the energy by shouting!! == Gujarat

Adarsh Kumar: My brother Gaurav is a football player, i have recommended him to continue Nitaai Meditation regularly as it will help to get his moves and coordination skills better. Nitaai Meditation helps to increase lungs capacity power which will help further in Football too. == Indrapuram

Hemant Patel: When mind becomes cool, calm and peaceful with the positive impacts of Nitaai Meditation, then perfect solutions to all problems will be in our hand. Thus we can remain blissful and tension free forever even while staying withing problems of life. == Gujarat

Laura Witt: Almost shared Nitaai Meditation technique. Have a young person staying with me, with mental health issues, bad anxiety and the young person went from agitation to resting quietly and sleeping after doing Nitaai Meditation with me. == USA

Djurdji Camrkailo: That is so true! Also to add i often do Nitaai Meditation while cooking or do Nitaai singing. == Serbia

Laxmi Mahindrakar: Nitaai Meditation is my only hope to recharge myself. == Bombay

Yovna: Nitaai Meditation calms my mind when i do it for 30 mins in the day. I experienced it. == Mauritius

Hemant Patel: Our mental mood or it’s situations plays an important role in taking, grasping and accepting the lessons or things happenings around us in daily life and Nitaai Meditation plays a very powerful role to creating such positive and favorable pleasant mood to take or to learn the important and potential things in life. == Gujarat

Warren Adams: Wanted to share 2 experiences where i did Nitaai Meditation sharing. This weekend we stayed at my uncle and aunt’s place in Coimbatore (TamilNadu state), they admitted they have trouble with their minds, so I told them about Nitaai Meditation, and gave them the card, and we sat there and did it with them for 15 mins. They thanked me profusely for telling them about it, and said they would do it daily for 10-15 mins. While we were there the senior citizens yoga teacher dropped by, I gave her the card and demonstrated how to do Nitaai Meditation, and suggested that she include Nitaai Meditation, if she liked it, as part of her yoga class for the oldies. She was on her way to give the yoga class so did not have much time to explain, so quickly told her to check out antistressfoundation web page. == Rishikesh

Pia Kumar: 30 minutes Nitaai Meditation done today. From last few days I was not doing it but today when I was exhausted I did it and I realized that I should daily do it. It’s really helpful to keep one calm and cool….this what I discovered today == Delhi

Bharati Thaker: Nitaai Meditation increases our stamina in functioning our daily chores and removes the feeling of boredom and frustration caused by same daily routine works. Also i felt it gives extra energy to do new ones. == Bombay

Alta Bhalla: Today one of my friend called me up, she was so depressed and stressed that she started crying. Nothing was letting her to concentrate on her work. I immediately told her to relax and do Nitaai Meditation. We did for 5 minutes on phone. Then she said ‘now I am relaxed and my mind is calm’. She felt very good and said she would continue doing it. == Delhi

Alta Bhalla: Nitaai Meditation can shut the thoughts of our mind and brings emotional stability. Whenever I feel so many thoughts overlapping, I start resonating Nitaaaaai. It calms your mind and throws negativity out. == Gurugram

Warren Adams: A friend came round today, and talked and talked a load of rubbish for about an hour. I couldn’t take it any more so I said let’s do some Nitaai Meditation. So we sat there and did 10mins of Nitaai Meditation together. After those 10 minutes he looked at me with a “shocked” look on his face because his mind had shutup – his mind was quiet – all the mental chatter had stopped, and he could not say any more rubbish for a while. Thats the power of Nitaai Meditation Exercise which leads to mind’s stability !! == Chennai

Fiona Wong: The students in my class said that they felt energy rising and vibrations in their body and an ocean of peace engulfed them while doing Nitaai Meditation. == UK

Hemant Patel: I feel strongly that this incredible medicine of Nitaai Meditation Exercise is the most powerful in removing stress and anxieties which are the most common diseases in this world. == Gujarat

Aabha Bhalla: Amazing amazing video. It brought back life in us !! You have explained so well. Before anyone else, I need Nitaai Meditation the most. I felt so rejuvenated after watching it. == Gurugram

Akriti Bhalla: The video is simply “The Best”. Such powerful energy, spark, liveliness you had. And when you said, are you readly as if going to show a magic. I loved each and every aspect. Your expressions n gestures are marvellous. You look and speak with so much glee, confidence and sparkle. Nobody can resist. The content was like heart pulling, too good. The voice quality is great, grave and soothing. And winds blowing makes it so natural n blissful :ok_hand: Thank you so much for recording this exceptional video. It really inspired n guides us. Helps Nitaai Meditation sharing at our level. == Gurugram

Alta Bhalla: The video is very crystal clear. After watching it anyone would feel like trying Nitaai Meditation on the spot. Thank you for this wonderful video. == Gurugram

Prashant Aggarwal: Sir Your voice is so serene and calm it’s like slow breeze flowing and touching the body. == Kolkata

Jigna Gordia: What an extraordinary video especially when harmony with nature is explained. == Bombay

Vivek Jain: Very well explained. It resonates with ancient lifestyle. Regular practice leads to next level of Happiness. Thanks a lot. == Gurugram

Sahadeo Persaud: This Nitaai Meditation has helped us a lot in so many different ways in our lives. It gives you so much more confidence. What a wonder explanation! == USA

Krishnaprasad Kulkarni: Nitaai Meditation is a one stop solution for all the psychosomatic disorders thank you very much for making and sharing this video this video is like a blessing. == USA

Narasimhan Kannan: Thank you Nitaai Kumar for another excellent video on the importance of Nitaai Meditation. Whenever I get caught up in work during the day, I take a pause and do Nitaai Meditation. I feel instantly relaxed! All thanks to you for taking the time to record these wonderful videos. Nitaai! == Canada

Hemant Patel: Yes very true.. Nitaai Meditation helps a lot in reducing blood pressure by activating antistress or relaxation centre in brain..i have experienced this practically n u can also try this incredible method of removing stress .i m sure u will surely b happy with this excellent free technique of removing stress.. == Gujarat

Krishnaprasad Kulkarni: I have recommended Nitaai Meditation to one of our relatives whose son has downs. Am positive that this would surely bring a positive change in his life if its tried on him.== USA

Mac Dee: Its amazing since the day I have started, I am feeling more relaxed, almost zero stressed, now I am able to things more innovative, keeps me happy and smiley day by day, all my physical and mental health issues have almost gone… it’s working like MAGIC. It’s something that I got Aaladin lamp, getting all my wish fulfilled. Thank you sooooooo much to bring back my happiness and smile on my face. == Rishikesh

Aabha Bhalla: Nitaai ! Glad to see your message sir. Thank you for your kind interest. Please install the Telegram app and join our community chat at t.me/uhelp5 so that we can assist you further about Nitaai Meditation. Please write to us if you face any problem in joining telegram app. We will connect you on whatsapp too.

Aabha Bhalla: Nitaai ! Glad to see your message sir. Thank you for your kind interest. Please install the Telegram app and join our community chat at t.me/uhelp5 so that we can assist you further about Nitaai Meditation. Please write to us if you face any problem in joining telegram app.

Adwait Goyal: I shared Nitaai Meditation with Steff from Germany. She was really very impressed with Nitaai Meditation. Talked with her for 45 mins and we both did it for 5 times. She felt a change in herself and her mind became quiet, calm, and relaxed after the practice. She wished to learn more, volunteer, and join us in retreats. == Kerala.

Radhika Aggarwal: Nitaai Meditation rocks. I will also try Nitaai Meditation whenever i feel pessimistic. Nitaai Meditation generate hopes and make us ready to achieve our goals and interests. Thankyou for sharing these articles. == Delhi

Bharati Thaker: Though Nitaai Meditation is free but most valuable for life. Deep sleep, peace, pleasure, air, water, sunlight and above all our breaths. Nitaai Meditation enhances all except water and sunlight which are the free gifts of nature. Hear Nitaai music and get relaxed and blissful ! == Bombay

Aabha Bhalla: Nitaai! Thank you for this wonderful process of Nitaai Meditation. I was having headache and dizziness since morning but due to Nitaai Meditation, feeling relaxed and better. It is helping in digestion too. == Gurugram

Warren Adams: Completed 1hr 50 mins of Nitaai Meditation this morning. A college student came to my wife for reflexology treatment, a week ago, as she is only 19, very overweight and very unhappy. Anyway, I taught her Nitaai Meditation then. She has been doing it everyday. Yesterday she came again for reflexology treatment and said how much more focused her mind is. She is now able to keep her mind on what she is doing, especially when she is in classes and on the bus. She does not daydream anymore she said – her mind stays in the “present”. == Chennai

Mamta Rangra: I was doing Om Meditation from few years but it’s benefits are slow but I observed Nitaai sound is giving those very fast. == Gurugram

Monika Bansal: Nitaai sound has so much potency that everyone starts dancing while listening to it in Nitaai Meditation Retreats. == Delhi

Prakash: The Nitaai Tracks on youtube and soundcloud are very powerful. I feel something different when i do Nitaai Meditation. == Indrapuram

Tanya Singh: Today DU results of BSC is out and i scored 9 and topped in class. I used to do Nitaai listening regularly during Exams. Nitaai listening helped me to keep focused during examination. == Indrapuram

Hemant Patel: Nitaai Meditation stops the negative things irritating to mind created by other living beings and thus enhances the love and true emotions among all people !! == Silvassa

Vishal Gandotra, MD: I do Nitaai Meditation before going to bed every night and sleep like a baby and have nice dreams too. Recently I had a horrible sore throat which went away with regular Nitaai Meditation; no medicine. == Las Vegas

Bharati Thaker: After 10 mnts of Nitaai singing, a real tempo comes and voice gets smooth and Nitaaaaai flow comes so nicely giving pleasure to our ear and to our mind, heart and body. And after 30 minutes we don’t feel like stopping Nitaai singing. == Bombay

Alta Bhalla: Nitaai Meditation in the morning keeps you fresh and energetic the whole day. == Gurugram

Bharati Thaker: Nitaai Meditation is a pill to remove “Khich Khich ” in the throat, and makes it smooth to sing songs ! == Bombay

Jigna Goradia: The key to sorrowfree life is under your nose. Relive the forgotten precious gifts of your own breath. Lets quickly figure out how to attain what the whole world is strenuously striving for! How can we get that unbreakable flashing constant smile on our faces? How can we eradicate the sorrowful frown from our forehead forever? The answer is simple: by using the most elementary thing all living beings own by default: Nitaai Meditation == Mumbai.

Jigna Goradia: Drown in Ecstasy by Nitaai Meditation. Drown in the bouts of ecstacy like there is no existance of sorrow. All efforts in our lives are towards experiencing happiness. Easier said than done.. we dont always succeed in our endeavors. This Nitaai Meditation Retreat ” Drown in Ecstasy” will take you to the pinnacle of life, where you effortlessly reconnect to the two incomparable sources of ecstasy – You and Nature. == Mumbai

Hemant Patel: Nitaai Meditation can bring unity not only in own family but can unite the whole world with peace, prosperity and happiness. Nitaai Meditation is the missing link for the perfect life! == Gujarat

Bharati Thaker: Very good! This 11 min of inhaling and while exhaling Nitaai is pronounced is very soothing and stress reliever. I felt really nice, I will spare 30 minutes daily for this. Thanks == Mumbai

Bharati Thaker: One is tired after getting up early, travelling and no rest during the day and has to wake up till late then in these circumstances do Nitaaaaaaai breathing for At least 30 minutes and see how fresh one feels. Nitaai Meditation really rejuvenates the body and mind. == Mumbai

Akriti Bhalla: Excellent initiative. The article is so inspiring in itself, can just imagine how much the practical experience must be. I have been trying to help at least 3 people by sharing Nitaai Meditation, and I get such beautiful and affectionate responses. My self-esteem and joy increases daily by meeting new people. Their very satisfaction makes me satisfied and relaxed alot. == Gurugram

Akriti Bhalla: Very practical and profound message by Dr. Bettina Wolf. A very practical learning! == Gurugram

Narasimhan Kannan: Nitaai Sound is wonderful! I am amazed everytime i do Nitaai Meditation! == USA

K V Balaji: Today came to know about nitaai. Want to join the nitaai team. Want to be a volunteer whenever it is possible for me.

Subhendu Roy: Beautiful Article. Five Attitudes Of Happy – Successful people. Very Useful For Everyone. The Way You Describe Is So Beautiful. Thanks For this Article. – Thanking You – Subhendu Roy, West Bengal.

Subhendu Roy: This Is A Superior Gift For Me. At First I Saw Some Posts In Facebook And Then Automatically I was Attracted By Nitaai Meditation Exercise. Many Times I Follow Some Teachers Like Aabha Bhalla, Akriti Bhalla, Monika Bansal, And Others. Monika ji And Aabha Ji Offered Me To Practice Nitaai Meditation Exercise. So I Start With Deep Respect. When Day By Day I Practice It I Feel So Much Joy. Now I Daily Practice It. I Feel So Much Pleasure To Doing It. Now I Am Working To Share Nitaai Meditation Exercise. I Am A Certified Yoga Teacher And Yoga Researcher So I Can Teach It Very Easily. Now A Days I Teach Daily to So Many People. Kids Are Very Much Interested To Do this Nitaai Meditation Exercise. I Have Many Facebook Friends. At least 4500+. So Many Of My Respected Friends are Also Eager And Many Of Them Now Doing Daily. I Have Done an Experiment For Headache Problems with satisfactory results. This Sound is Helpful For Headache Problems. Many Schools, Clubs, Community Centres, Corporate Sectors have Now Invited Me To Share this Nitaai Meditation Exercise. I Agree that This A Complete Solution For Stress, Tension, Anxiety Or Other Mind Disturbing Diseases. This Not Only Works On the Mind, but Helps Physically Too. This Sound And Breathing Technique Is Very Much Effective To Strengthen our Lungs, Heart, Belly, Throat And Others Organs. Team Nitaai Is Doing Great Job. I Am Very Much Happy To be a Part Of It. I like Sharing Nitaai Meditation Exercise So Much. The Response From People Is Very High. All Are Attracted. Thanking You, Subhendu Roy. From – West Bengal.

Krishnaprasad Kulkarni: Nitaai Meditation is a game changer it instantly relieves from stress, anxiety or any other negativities , its a panacea to all problems its unique because it is equipped with the most merciful and powerful sound of Nitaai. Please try it.

Aabha Bhalla: This article has touched my heart. The way everyone works together in Antistress foundation and live for the mission to benefit people at large through Nitaai sound is amazing. It’s a real selfless service to society at large as everything is given for free! I am grateful to make me a part of this glorious Foundation and Team Nitaai. == Gurugram

Devica: Nitaai Meditation is the best! It has rescued me from Innumerable problems..after doing Nitaai Meditation or singing…I have come out clearer and positive in the worst of times…It’s amazing that even when your mind stops working during stressful crisis such a simple exercise can destressed our minds and make us feel good. I have sailed through moments of extreme stress, losses, problems and just by taking a moment to destressed through Nitaai Meditation has converted every tragedy into opportunity to come up with creative solutions that can turn around the situation. I am thankful to all the volunteers who have helped me know and learn this practice that works like magic! Thank you all. == Delhi

Hemant Patel: Wow…really beautiful explanation of the Nitaai sound.. It will remove all doubts and misconceptions. Very meaningful points. Thanks a lot. Nitaai! == Gujarat

Ajay Gupta: Nitaai sound really works, felt the reverberation while doing it for the first time. == Delhi

Bharati Thaker: Very good. This 10 min of Nitaai Meditation in which inhaling and while exhaling Nitaai is pronounced is very soothing and stress reliever. I felt really nice. I will spare 10 mins daily for it. Thanks. == Bombay

Akshay Vashisht: I explained Nitaai Meditation to my friend who lives abroad. He felt his heart is opening. He also felt resonance, calmness, sense of Meditation and energy in the body by doing on the spot with me on call. == Rishikesh

Dhingras: Nitaai !!! The Nitaai Meditation exercise is entirely free and secular which makes it unique and special. == Delhi

Hemant Patel: Listening to Nitaai for at least one hour before sleeping gives a sound sleep with beautiful dreams. This in turn makes my next day energetic, productive, and efficient. == Silvassa, Gujarat

Nitaai Kumar: Excellent dear Ashok. This is exactly what we have experienced too. It unleashes an infinite store of energy within us making even the most difficult tasks effortless. Nitaai!

Nitaai Kumar: Thanks Manish. So happy it is helping you. Please do share more about how you are experiencing its benefits. And let us know if we can assist you to practice and share it in any way. Nitaai!

Manish: Its super Meditation

Ashok Kumar: Nitaai Meditation makes me more energetic and focused to achieve my goals. It’s amazing.

Anjali Gupta: Earlier, I used to have frequent headaches. Every now and then, I was taking strong medicines for the same. But now I have got permanent relief from such headaches. I have achieved much better health due to Nitaai Meditation. And better health means greater productivity at the workplace. Now I do Nitaai Meditation and Nitaai Singing for at least 30 minutes everyday as I have realized that this technique can take me to further milestones in my professional life. == Delhi

Amol Patel: My work involves a lot of planning and brainstorming. Nitaai Meditation takes my mind beyond the horizon. I get great ideas while practicing this technique. Along with the innovative ideas, I also get the strength and will-power to execute them. Within six months, I have started an NGO, two schools, and three coaching centers. I have also taken up the implementation of many government programs through our NGO. Managing all these together would have been very difficult without Nitaai Meditation exercise. == Madhya Pradesh

Deepak Makwana: Nitaai Meditation exercise makes me very strong. Now I am able to easily face the cut-throat competition of the corporate world. I am climbing the corporate ladder quicker by practicing this Meditation regularly. It is not an ordinary technique. It is absolutely life-changing. The list of my personal and professional achievements is expanding at a very fast rate due to Nitaai Meditation. I won the CII National HR Excellence 2015 award recently. After seeing my success, my entire family does it now. == Bombay

Apaar Kaushik: Medical studies are not at all easy. In order to catch up with the new requirements of medical technology and innovations, at least 10-12 hours of concentrated study is required everyday. I was getting overburdened and depressed due to excessive pressure. But after regularly doing Nitaai Meditation for a few weeks, I have regained my peace. I am able to maintain my composure in the most challenging times. It really works! As a student, it is a boon for me, as it has raised my intellect, memory, and concentration. My improved grades are a testimony to this. Everyone must try it!

Deepak Makwana: Nitaai Meditation makes me more energetic and focused to achieve my goals. I need to deliver my words in most convincing way to change life of others in my field and Nitaai Sound helps me a lot. == Bombay

Shailesh Gupta: “Very unique and effective. The Nitaai sound is very soothing to listen to. Nitaai Meditation means ultimate relaxation by the mere reverberation of the Nitaai sound. It energizes me from within and empowers me to face all kinds of challenges in day to day life. I practice it daily. I am looking forward to continue this simple technique for the rest of my life. It seems the perfect companion for the difficult journey called ‘life’.” == Delhi

Devika Joshi: I do Nitaai Meditation before going to work. I have noticed a drastic improvement in my level of focus and concentration. It leads to better efficiency at work. This technique has tremendously helped me in managing stress also. Nitaai Meditation assists me in taking personal and professional decisions with a cool mind. It allows me to introspect, understand myself better, and plan accordingly. It heals me from within. I vouch for it and recommend that you do it yourself and feel the difference. == Delhi

Hemant Patel: As soon I started doing Nitaai Meditation, my overall well-being increased manifold. More and more bliss is flowing in my life everyday! Now I no longer feel burden of work like before. I do not get much disturbed with the worries of life. I have successfully made a joint venture for constructing one mega mall and multiple residential buildings with one highly reputed developer. I am getting more and more energy and enthusiasm to complete all my unfinished projects. The Nitaai sound has truly brought happiness in my life. == Gujarat

Alta Bhalla: Starting my day with Nitaai Meditation exercise ensures that I remain positive, stress-free, and happy throughout the day. It helps me in multi tasking too. == Gurugram

Vishesh Bansal: I was always fascinated by Himalayan Meditation techniques. But being a part of the busy IT industry, I always thought that I will never be able to learn or practice them. However, when I came across Nitaai Meditation I was surprised to know that it can be learnt and practiced by anyone and everyone. In just 10 minutes, it gives me an amazing boost which lasts throughout the day. It has the freshness of the Himalayas and the power of Yoga combined. The Nitaai sound is very small but contains a unique flavor of harmony and bliss. == New Delhi

Jigna Gordia: Nitaai Meditation has a tremendous power to escalate the efficiency to perform in a professional scenario. It gives me a magical ability to concentrate on multiple issues at one time. It helps in problem-solving by inspiring me to take the right decisions at the right time. The Nitaai sound aids me to become extremely proactive. It has brought in a lot of positivity in my outlook while dealing with my boss and colleagues. I would definitely recommend this extremely simple technique to those who would want to succeed in all spheres of life. == Bombay

Akriti Bhalla: Writing is my passion. Nitaai Meditation helps in having clarity of thoughts by which i can express more easily and in convincing way. == Gurugram

Aabha Bhalla: Through Nitaai Meditation, I have achieved that peace and joy in my life which even millions of dollars can’t buy. It empowers me by activating my full potential and enhancing my overall concentration level. Resonating the Nitaai sound illuminates my mind and the deep breathing invigorates my body. Doing both together gives me ample courage and strength to complete all difficult tasks and challenges effortlessly. == Gurugram

Alta Bhalla: After practicing Nitaai Meditation for few months now i felt that all fearful thoughts in my mind just rushed away. I am more relaxed now. == Gurugram

Chetan Chauhan: Working in the IT sector makes life quite stressful. Nitaai Meditation is truly a boon for all working professionals as it instantly elevates one to a state of complete relaxation and tranquility. It gave a huge boost to my brain performance. I could never imagine that simply taking a deep breath and resonating a sound could be so powerful. I have recommended this technique to all my colleagues. Everyone should try it! == New Delhi

Amit Kumar: Nitaai Meditation infuses me with energy. It makes me feel more confident. I am able to approach new situations and people with much more ease. My productivity has exponentially increased simply by humming the Nitaai sound for a few minutes daily. It has completely transformed my perspective. I have developed a more open focus towards life now. This Meditation technique has unleashed my hidden potential. I feel much more connected with the positive energies of the environment now.

Manjari Sahai: Managing a job and academic degree together is really a big challenge. Thanks to Nitaai Meditation exercise. It empowered me to perform well on both fronts. Without it, coping with so much stress would have been totally impossible for me. It makes my mind very peaceful and uplifts my mood with loads of positive energy. I feel fortunate to know about this technique of resonating the Nitaai sound. The results of this process are far beyond expectations. In short, it makes sure that all your dreams are fulfilled! == Noida

Aabha Bhalla: I love sharing Nitaai Meditation. I feel a constant flow of energy and enthusiasm from Nitaai Sound which acts as a source of motivation. Not only doing Nitaai Meditation but also sharing it is a sweet and blissful experience. == Gurugram

Ram Niwas: I am national level sportsman and warming up is must for me. I have adopted Nitaai Meditation in my daily routine. I not only feel energetic but also feel increase in concentration and focus by doing it everyday. == Gaziabad

Dr Anil Jadhav: I was unable to walk and used to move side by side with severe pain all over back and both legs. Doctors said it will take 2 years. Hemant Patel ji advised me to do Nitaai Meditation exercise. My pain has reduced a lot after daily practice of Nitaai Meditation. Now I can even do my routine work independently. It is only due to this process. == Gujarat

Narasimham Kannan: I feel grateful to have come in contact with Nitaai Meditation at this point of my life. To be honest, I never believed that such techniques ever work, but decided to give it a try anyway. My focus in day-to-day activities improved and I also became excellent at multi-tasking, which is very important for my professional life. Moreover, I no longer feel stressed even in challenging situations, ever since I dedicated a fixed amount of time every day for Nitaai Meditation. Nitaai Meditation exercise sounded too good to be true. To my surprise, I got immediate results. == California

Matus Kmit: At the present moment, pressure to perform is increasing day by day in our modern society. Burn-outs have become a common phenomenon. Nitaai Meditation is for me the ideal burn-out prevention. It enables me to hold on to my inner anchor in stressful conditions. I can stand up to my restricted capacities with self-confidence and peace of mind. It provides me with the necessary equilibrium in all my social interactions, at the workplace, as well as in my private life. I wish more people knew about this technique. For sure, there would be more easiness in our society then! == Zurich, Switzerland

Vaibhav Parakh: With Nitaai Meditation, all problems in my life disappeared. This Meditation is unique in its approach as it doesn’t require any sophisticated apparatus. This technique has helped me control my mind and excel in my studies. Before practicing Nitaai Meditation, I could not efficiently use my time. But with this technique, I am able to do much more work with utmost concentration. I am also able to keep calm and composed. With the help of this technique, new professional avenues are opening for me, giving a much needed boost to my confidence. == New Delhi

Alta Bhalla: Being a housewife, I have to do a lot of multitasking. I need to keep myself fit and energetic to manage all household chores effectively. Starting my day with Nitaai Meditation ensures that I remain positive, stress-free, and happy throughout the day. Investing 10 minutes in doing Nitaai Meditation every morning is really worth it. In fact, I like it so much that I feel like doing it even more. Due to this Meditation, I now have a permanent smile on my face. All these positive changes have made me a great mom and a great wife. And not to forget, being stress-free has also helped me to overcome problem of BP. == Gurugram

David Hourie: Nitaai Meditation has helped me so much in my everyday dealings. Before taking to this process, I was having such a hard time dealing with people and their negative attitudes. As a result of practicing Nitaai Meditation, I have become almost immune to getting angry or developing a revengeful attitude. I now tend to let things go as planned and everything works itself out. The Nitaai sound is indeed very potent. It has made my life awesome. I share Nitaai Meditation exercise with as many as I can to spread the love. == New York

Dashrath Makwana: I am a doctor by profession. One of my patients had lost his memory because of some problem in his brain. He was not even recognizing his family. I made him do Nitaai Meditation a few times. And lo and behold, he got so energetic that he got up and sat, signed his name, and also started speaking after a month’s silence. He got tears of joy in his eyes. == Bombay

Aabha Bhalla: “Like the connection between emotions and breathing, there is a connection between sound and subconscious emotions.” Amazing article !!! == Gurugram

Kabir Gautam: I felt relaxed and better after doing Nitaai Meditation. == New Delhi

Mohammad Mehtab: I’m doing this Nitaai Meditation everyday, and I feel very well and my body feel relax. == New Delhi

Shraddha Singh: Now a Member with Nitaai Meditation ! Feeling the positivity of the yoga and happy to inculcate a habit of practicing Nitaai. Have To simply enhale and exhale with The word “Nitaai”! Yes with me …… Nitaaaaaaaaaaii ! == Gwalior

Adarsh Kumar: I practice Nitaai Meditation daily. Nitaai is the most powerful sound as it helps me in increasing concentration power and releasing stress. == Gaziabad

Adarsh Kumar: I practice Nitaai Meditation daily. It helps in releasing stress really fast. Inhale and Resonate Nitaaaaai to feel the change. == New Delhi

Swati Sharma: I feel calm…and gradually stress free. Nitaai Meditation is a sure short way to feel relaxed instantly. == New Delhi

Kiran Kamat: Feel relax and forget all work stress of office, Nitaai Meditation really helps me to freshen up my mind.

Hemant Patel: One of our neighbor Premdas who had attended Nitaai Meditation session. He is very much impressed due to its instant result on his father-in-law who was suffering from heartache. Now he is asking me to conduct this program in his company consisting of 90 people as management staff. This process of Nitaai Meditation really works. == Gujarat

Amol Patel: After quiting my job, I started my business. Within no time due to power of Nitaai Sound, I have started two Nitaai Public Schools and three coaching centres within six months successfully (even though i didnt have enough money). Its a dream come true! I am also getting exponential growth in my business. Many new peoples are coming to meet me. I could now feel my aims and aspirations in life getting fulfilled. == Madhya Pradesh

Shiwali Dogra: Such a cure for things like depression and loneliness or even bad association is Nitaai Meditation. Live blissfully with calm mind forever even whilst externally in the harshest situations! Nitaai Sound is powerful. == Delhi

Jigna Gordia: There are times when gradually but surely all doors start closing on us . All rays of hope gets dimmer and dimmer. Possibilities of a bright life start diminishing , every knock of yours on the closed doors makes you realise that you are banging your head on the wall. In such dispare when good fortune seems to have completely abandoned you , when you know you have no hope. In such a pitiable situation when there is no strength to even pray, all one needs to do is just resonate Nitaai Sound. The heart which is shrivelled and lifeless starts getting oxygen and starts feeling nourished. == Bombay

Shruti Jain: As soon as I start Nitaai Meditation, I forcibly get pulled into the ocean of bliss! Never seen such a powerful process before. Nitaai Sound rocks. == New Delhi

Alta Bhalla: Nitaai Meditation exercise really is a miracle! # It takes a person from negative to positive. # It takes a person from bad to good. # It makes a person calm and fresh. # It makes you happy and blissfu. So life changes from stressful to peaceful! == Gurugram

Hemant Patel: Nitaai Meditation works for me. It removes stress and gives very very blissful mood, makes our mind cool and calm. Our decision making abilities increases. It allows the inner hidden strength to work with its full efficiency. It surely enhances one’s own decision making abilities to a very large extent with great clear vision in thoughts along with blissful mood during any kinds of adverse situations in life! == Gujarat

Hemant Patel: Negative people starts behaving positively towards us by the magic of Nitaai Sound. It miraculously makes our whole existence very blissful. == Gujarat

Padma Shrinivas: Nitaai Meditation gives great relaxation and comfort to the mind and at the end of the day I am not feeling stressed and it is helping to live happily with the family. Even my frequent headaches have gone away with this Meditation process. The main advantage of this process I felt is that I can follow this process at any place and any time. I also recommend this process to my family members and friends. My family members are regularly doing it for 15-20 min daily or more at sometimes. My husband and children are feeling blissful after their hectic office and school hours. I can now live a happy life just by a simple/easy Nitaai Sound Therapy.

Alta Bhalla: To start doing Nitaai Meditation first thing in the morning was for very selfish reason . Earlier i used to have low BP attack and it was always early in the morning. But since i have been doing it first thing in the morning i have been saved by from this problem. I also get a sound sleep and wake up with a relaxed mind due to Nitaai Meditation. == Gurugram

Hemant Patel: Nitaai Meditation gives me lot of peace and Sound sleep. No big weight-age of any huge task, its very simple. == Gujarat

Padma Shrinivas: I am a house wife, as part of my daily life I have to maintain and balance many things in my routine life like managing children and my husband, dropping and picking children from school, their homeworks, cooking and other house hold things. Some times I feel over stressed, confused and upset. I used to search in google for the ways to relax mind so that I can overcome these problems. I got to know few Meditation processes and I tried those, finally I felt very comfortable with the Nitaai Meditation Process. It makes me so blissful and even helps me in sound sleep.

Shiwali: Nitaai Meditation is the best Meditation I have done so far during the course. I think I’ll make it a part of my daily routine. == New Delhi

Chhavi Goel: In this busy life there is a lot of stress and worry. But with Nitaai Meditation, i have felt more peace and calmness in life. It has improved overall intelligence to do things in regular life. == New Delhi

Swati Modi: Wow this Nitaai Meditation is very nice. Very effective. I do it and then naturally my thinking becomes positive. I do it sometimes and I am going to do it regularly. I dont know but it just makes me feel good somehow. == New Delhi

Aabha Bhalla: “Sounds can be used to cure ailments like insomnia, anxiety, depression and even diseases like Parkinson’s.” It actually holds true…with so many experiences shared world wide by practitioners doing Nitaai Meditation, i really feel Nitaai Sound should reach far and wide as a solution to burning problems like stress and depression. == Gurugram

Hemant Patel: Nitaai Meditation surely helps to cool down the anger. Seems we are relishing and celebrating every moment of life with bliss and peace!!! == Gujarat

Narsingh Bidiyasar: Nitaai Meditation is a good way to get brightness in our day.I do it regularly in the morning at 8:00 ‘o’ clock. I think Nitaai “sound” makes it different than other yoga. == Mayur Vihar

Krishnaprasad Kulkarni: Nitaai Meditation has the capability to cure all your psychosomatic disorders quickly and permanently. == USA

Krishnaprasad Kulkarni: Nitaai Meditation makes positive transforMeditations in life and makes life more complete. == USA

Siddharth Sinha: Amazing articles ! Nitaai! == New Delhi

Tanya Singh: I have learnt many things from this website. Thankyou for making it such an informative site. == Gaziabad

Alta Bhalla: Great Sir ! This is itself a guide…i will share it with my friends as well. == Gurugram

Alta Bhalla: Since i have to do multi tasking and back to back work, being housewife i was searching for an easy yet energy giving technique. Nitaai Meditation is the one which gave me lot of strength. Since there is no time boundations, i can practice it at my ease. == Gurugram

Tanya Singh: I practice Nitaai Meditation daily …it helps me in attaining a sound mind as well as a healthy body. I feel energized and develop an enthusiasm to live happily. == Gaziabad

Aabha Bhalla: Nitaai Meditation has helped me to overcome laziness…must say !!! It has made me more energetic giving me inner motivation to give my best in every work i do. == Gurugram

Krishnaprasad Kulkarni: Nitaai Meditation has proved to be a life saver. It has efficiently uprooted all negativity from my life granted me a positive outlook towards life. == USA

Siddharth Sinha: I feel very calm and composed after practicing Nitaai Meditation. I practice it daily for 20-30 minutes in the morning and it gives me a boost at the beginning of my day! It keeps me energetic all day == New Delhi

Aabha Bhalla: Amazing article. I would recommend it to all my students. Thankyou for explaining so nicely. == New Delhi

Shikha: I am doing Nitaai Meditation everyday in morning 6 o’clock and i feel relax and more energetic. I will advise to all that they should try and feel difference. It makes my mind calm and also increases my concentration power. == New Delhi

Sanjay Kumar: I am doing Nitaai Meditation daily in the morning 5 o’clock and i feel relax and energetic. Doing it is easy for me because this technique is very simple than other yogas. Its fantastic and very useful for me. I feel increase in concentration in my studies. After doing Nitaai Meditation i am feeling a positive change in my life. == New Delhi

Piashree Singh: I practice Nitaai Meditation daily. It is proving helpful for me to control my anger. It is giving me dignity to stand confidently. == Gaziabad

Krishnaprasad Kulkarni: Nitaai Meditation Listening is the most enjoyable process to attain immediate relaxation. == USA

Krishnaprasad Kulkarni: Nitaai Meditation is a panacea for all your problems. I strongly recommend to try Nitaai Meditation and Nitaai listeneing for your overall success. Its my personal experience that they work. == USA

Krishnaprasad Kulkarni: Nitaai Meditation is that treasure chest which can fulfill all your desires. It is your gateway to experience material success and health-upliftment. You are here for a reason. Do try Nitaai Meditation regularly and feel empowered. == USA

Hemant Patel: I love Nitaai Meditation. It gives me lots of peace and bliss within along with sound sleep. With peaceful mind, I can take good decisions in business. My love and intimacy towards my family members is also increasing day by day.. == Gujarat

Niranjan C: Great Composition!!! NITAAI! == New Delhi

Jigna Goradia: I could experience extreme relaxation even after doing Nitaai Meditation for just 5 minutes. Got deep sleep and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. == South Mumbai.

Laxmi Mahindrakar: My every morning begins with Nitaai Meditation . It empowers me in all activities including negative situations. == Thane, Mumbai.

Aabha Bhalla: I do Nitaai Meditation everyday. From health to stress, it has been a boon in my life. Thanks to Team Nitaai for making it reach far and wide. == Gurugram.

Narasimhan Kannan: Simply love it. I can do it anywhere, anytime, and instantly feel calm and energetic. Nitaaaai! == US

Aabha Bhalla: Never found anything as effective as Nitaai Meditation. It has been beneficial to me and now I feel to share it with others to benefit everyone. == Gurugram

Narasimhan Kannan: Truly Amazing form of Yoga. == US

Jigna Goradia: Have been doing it for 40 minutes a day and find a change. Feel calmer. == Bombay

Aabha Bhalla: Wonderful composition…Nitaai Bbreathing is a boon to the world. == Gurugram

Aabha Bhalla: “Nitaai” is the most powerful sound i have come across. One can experience its effect on mind by just practicing Nitaai Meditation and Nitaai Music daily for few minutes. Thankyou for sharing it. == Gurugram

Akriti Bhalla: Great poetry. The actual benefits of breathing and humming Nitaai are so wonderfully written. Nitaai sound gives broader vision for future, with peace and love Nitaai sound makes you nurtured. == Gurugram

Laxmi Mahindrakar: Super excellent poetry. When I tried Nitaai Meditation for a minute for the first time, many blockages in my body were cleared. My precious time and money were saved. My health was cured. It is such a beneficial process. == Bombay

Narasimhan Kannan: Beautiful poetry! I do Nitaai Meditation daily, and never has it failed to amaze me. == USA

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